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Thanks to EatPrayRunDC, YouSignedUpForWhat? & MarontheRun for hosting the link-up. Today I am linking up again with The DC Trifecta Friday Five.

The topic they chose for today's link up is Five Things About Me.  For those who read my blog you know that occasionally on Monday's I give random facts about me.  So for this post, I thought long and hard about a few things about me that you may or may not know.  It occurred to me the biggest part of who I am is my sense of adventure and love of the outdoors.  So, I might as well jump right into my five list:

1.  Kayaking in the Bermuda Triangle: Although I am pretty experienced at guiding river rafts down class 1-3 river rapids.  My first time kayaking was in the actual Bermuda Triangle.  We kayaked from one island a few miles across to another island, but when you look on a map it was in the actual Bermuda Triangle and I thought that was pretty cool.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, nothing mysterious happened to me, well unless I was abducted and brought back without knowing it, haha.

2.  Rock Climbing: My first few times going rock climbing and rappelling I lied to the group of guys inviting me and told them I was an experienced climber who just hadn't done it in a while.  (They were cute and I wanted to go.)   I ended up having to do a 150 foot chimney free climb at night (no ropes) and had a 200 foot night rappel with no belay and no idea if the rope actually touched the ground at the bottom.  I am not sure how I did it, but I faked it well enough by copying them and proved myself to them and was always invited to climb with them on their weekly climbing nights. (At the time I lived in a red rock desert, so nights were the only time to climb because the temps would cool off to upper 90's)  To this day, none of them know the truth:)  On a side not, I'm surprised I am not dead.

3.  Trail Running: My first 3 trail runs ever, were full marathon's I signed up for (Alaska, Colorado, West Virginia).  I never or rarely look at a course map ahead of time and at first I just thought all marathon's were ran on the road (even though one race actually had the word "trail" in the title and I still didn't catch on until the race started), haha.  With no training on trails, lets just say my hips and ankles were sure quite a bit more sore than normal.  But I loved every minute, rock, path, river, plank bridge, deep mud and hidden holes that broke me in during those races and turned me into a lover of trail running.  

4. Adventure Seeker: If you can't tell already by my list of five.  I love adventure and thrills and I have just enough fear to keep me alive:)  You could say I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  I'll try almost anything once.  Here are some of these adventures: Skydiving, Shark Diving, Glacial Landing in Alaska, Swimming with wild Stingray's, 30 foot cliff diving, White Water River Rafting, Canyoneering in beautiful slot canyons, 29 full marathons in 2 years.  Once I took five of my nieces and nephews all under the age of 10 camping without their parents, I still don't know how I survived that weekend:)

5. Still to do: I have a long list of things I have never done but would like to do if I can get the chance.  Here are a few to share that are on the top of my list: Hangliding, Hot Air Balloon, A few specific river rafting tours, Night Diving with huge Manta Rays, Hike Kauai, Climb the highest peak in Utah, Visit Kodiak Island and see live wild Kodiak bears, Deep Sea Fishing, See real running red lava, Scuba dive certified up to 75 feet, Visit Antarctica, Open water dive with whale sharks, Ironman.  Okay I better stop there:)


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So tell me, do you have an adventurous side?  Have you done something that you think I should add to my list? 

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