Fragile Spirits by Mary Lindsey - A Book Review

Fragile Spirits by Mary Lindsey is actually the long awaited sequel to Shattered Souls.  I say long awaited because I read Shattered Souls a couple of years ago.  I loved Shattered Souls it was the perfect mix of supernatural, reincarnation mixed with ghosts, death and future lives and a great romance between the main characters Lenzi and Alden.

I was assuming that this sequel would be a continuation of Lenzi and Alden's story.  But I was completely wrong in my assumption!  Which is why if you haven't read Shattered Souls, this review will NOT be a spoiler because Fragile Spirits is actual the story of Paul.  Paul was in Shattered Souls, but the story really wasn't about him at the time.  This time, he not only gets a chance to tell his story, but he's also the main character.  Yes, for lovers of Lenzi and Alden, they are still in this story, but they take a bit more of a backseat in Fragile Spirits.

Paul has been training since he was a young child to be a Protector.  He is one of the best the IC has ever see, and he's been looking forward to the day he would be assigned his Speaker and together they can help all of the lost souls lingering in the world of the living.  By helping them with their unfinished business so they can move onto their next life in the world beyond death.
Paul follows the rules, does everything by the book.  Which is why he was thrown for a real spin when he finally receives his assigned Speaker Vivienne.

Vivienne is nothing but extravagant, from her hot pink hair, down to her goth like look from head to toe.  She is one of the more gifted Speakers.  The only problem is, Vivienne isn't interested in speaking to the dead.  Which is supposed to be her exact purpose.  She' also not interested in doing anything she is told, or following any set of rules.  Which sets things up for an interesting predicament since she is the Speaker matched up with Paul, who does nothing but follow the rules.

They hate each other from the start, and only have a week to decide if the pairing will work.  If Vivienne accepts the pair, she is also accepting the fact that she will be reincarnated for an infinity of lifetimes to work with Paul.  Paul doesn't have a choice since he is just the Protector, he can't imagine two people any more opposite than he and Vivienne.

But then spirits, even dangerous malevolent spirits that are far more stronger than the new pair are thrown into their lives.  They soon realize that sometimes fate picks you and possibly they might just be the perfect fit for each other and their lifetime upon lifetime job.
Additionally, we get an insight into Paul's life.  Where he came from, the mystery behind his life.  Vivienne also has secrets of her past that tie into things that throw quite an interesting spin from the original Shattered Souls book.

I enjoyed Shattered Souls a bit more than Fragile Spirits just for all the surprises and guessing with Lenzi and the fun and witty writing.  However, although that was my favorite of the two.  Fragile Spirits was also a great read.  It still had the author's witty tone and it was a really fast read.  Which I liked.  Although there is always an opening for a sequel, it is a stand alone book.  Even if you hadn't read Shattered Souls you could jump right into this one and enjoy it start to finish.  Personally, I really enjoy Mary Lindsey, so I am excited to see what she comes up with next.  She's great at writing stand alone books, as I also really enjoyed Ashes on the Waves.

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