How is your mental attitude?

I really liked the quote above, and it just seemed fitting for me this week so I thought I would share.  Hope everyone has had a nice weekend and past week!  Mine was actually quite good, I have no complaints:)
My foot fracture is healing so well, that I even ran on it a little on Thursday.  I waited a few days to do any more just to see if there would be any delayed pain, and it was very minimal there was no added pain.  Which is very exciting, so this week I plan on easing back into running a little more.

I don't have to go quite as slow (getting back into running) as before, I've been trying to keep my foot with all the tendon problems strengthened while I let the other foots fracture heal.  It handled the extra pressure from the other injury pretty well, I only experienced a light bit of swelling here and there as it took on the extra when I couldn't put the full pressure on my other foot.

I am optimistic and excited about how the next few weeks will go.  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad apprehensive and scared of getting back into running again.  Sounds funny I know, but when you keep getting set back after set back, you sort of can't help that fear factor.  However, no matter how it goes I will get through it. I am keeping the right Attitude and eventually in time I am going to get back to finishing up my last 19 states on my marathon goal, that's a guarantee to myself!


So I mentioned a few weeks back that I had been struggling with the added weight I gained when I couldn't do cardio for about a year.  Before the work injury, I was running and I was in great shape, but I had about twenty pounds that I wanted to lose to be even fitter.
It's not a matter of not knowing how to lose it, that I do.  The main problem has been the willpower.  It's not easy to loose weight, this I am learning.  But it's possible, and its only up to me to do it.
I've managed to cut down the Pepsi to just one day a week.  This may sound like an easy thing, but it's not been easy for me.

Although I've not been a perfect eater, I'm not exactly a horrible one.  My main problem the past year was portion control.  I was so used to how I could eat when I was running back to back marathon's that when I wasn't burning 3,000-6,000 calories a day in training it was hard to teach my stomach that it didn't need as much to be full.
Again, I know this sounds like it would be easy and for some it probably is.  But for me, it has been a struggle, I think this is the first time I have said this out loud it's kind of liberating in a way.
I've really been trying hard the past few weeks, I know I can do this!!!

I am eating healthy, and I am eating much smaller portions and drinking lots and lots more water.  In fact, I am actually using measuring cups to do everything from pour my cereal, to my veggies and fruits. It sounds funny, but it has actually helped!
One day a week I have a cheat day, this is the day I eat absolutely anything I want and as much of it as I want.  This is the day I get my Pepsi fix, and any other craving fix that gets me though the next 6 days.
In 3 weeks, I have lost 7 pounds
As the weeks progress, and my stomach gets smaller I am pretty sure I won't be able to eat as much on the "cheat day" and I am sure my cravings will change.  (This is a similar plan I did years ago.)
Every two weeks I plan to mix it up, change how I eat, and change the daily calories and workouts.  To prevent a plateau, and hopefully keep the weight dropping off.  I'm only a few weeks in, but I think this is not just helping me drop weight, but helping me learn to eat healthy, read labels, portion control.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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So tell me about your week. Have you ever struggled to loose weight?

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